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WiCis Health 3.0

WiCis Health 3.0 Platform

COVID-19 brought us the “perfect storm” in healthcare: a lethal virus that spread quickly, a growing shortfall in the number of nurses and primary care physicians needed to care for a rapidly aging population, and a shortage of hospital beds. In addition, while all of us can now expect to live longer, we are often more concerned with the quality than the length of our lives. When polled, 82% of seniors expressed a desire to age in place, and to remain connected to the people and places that give their lives meaning. Here is when a video conferencing solution is not enough and does not provide a detailed picture of health status at all times and from all places.
Founded by Dr. Leo Montejo – a Harvard trained and former Stanford professor of anesthesia, he has over 20 years of experience in the field of telemedicine. As the the original founder of Picis, he did not stop being creative when the company was sold to UHC. He then went on to create WiCis, a complete TeleHealth solution that he has also used in adventure sports and Himalaya climbs. “With I-Streme we have been able to monitor climber’s vitals on K2 well above 27,000 feet,”  he reminds us, “while using satellite technology to send live vitals every second to California. I personally use the system in my Himalayan expeditions. That is how much I believe in our solution!”

How does it work?

The WiCis Health 3.0 Platform uses cloud-based workflows, video-conferencing, and live vital signs and is the mobile first HIPAA compliant Telehealth and Telemedicine Monitoring solution delivering the intelligence of the medical experience directly to a patient that can be located anywhere and in real-time.

The solution allows doctors to see their patients remotely to prescribe medications or to follow-up from a previous appointment. Vital signs can be monitored from a patient’s home which will alert a doctor if care is needed.

During a time when many hospitals across the country are operating at well above capacity, it is important to save valuable space for those in critical need of health services.

The Three Components

The WiCis Health solution is essentially made up of three components: CareForms with CareFlows, Video and Vital Signs.

The Data Analytics dashboards are fully customisable and allow you to follow, with a finger on the pulse, any step in your CareFlows, from the number of doctor visits to time spent with each patient.

Data can be streamed to and from the platform using I-Streme, a secure, end to end mobile application that collects, monitors and shares vital data, collected from wearables, anywhere in the world in around one second.

The Competitive Advantage

WiCis Health 3.0 is a HIPAA compliant cloud-based solution that can be deployed within 48 hours and can scale to support thousands of patients. This solution has a competitive advantage as no other market competitor offers the three components mentioned above in one solution.

  • Streams vital signs monitoring power of an operating room to the patient anywhere including home or to the most remote locations in the world.

  • Optimizes workflows, improves speed, collaboration, communication efficiency and patient engagement.

  • Engages physicians and nurses with patients that desire to feel connected, healthy and independent.

  • Our HIPAA compliant forms provide an easy and secure way to collect, consolidate, and move patient data through a series of streamlined workflows.

Our Privacy Policy

WiCis Health Values

Our Mission is to replace the traditional medical visit where the caregiver sees the patient, takes notes, and sees vital signs, with a complete EHR-ready, rapidly deployable solution that incorporates custom CareFlows, HIPAA compliant peer-to-peer video-conferencing, and live vital signs – from anywhere!

It is now possible to remotely monitor a patient anywhere in the world, in realtime, with the gold standard capabilities established by a hospital operating room.

To connect people securely and ensure that HIPPA compliance and security rules are enforced to protect your PHI. Therefore, you can share comfortably  your information with medical professionals and to those you love for a healthier, safer and more independent life.

WiCis Health Team

Leo Montejo
CEO and Founder
Randy Roberts
Chief Operating Officer / BoD
Andre Goddard
Director of Customer Service and Engagement
Carlota Fenes
VP of Sales and Marketing WiCis
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