CareFlow Builder

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Our CareFlow Builder allows you to:

  1. Design your own CareFlow screens with any field you see above.
  2. Customize fonts, images, column number, to make your form truly your center’s style.
  3. Add videos so as to generate better expectations for your institution (Rich Text widget).
  4. Add live Vital Signs to your screen with an I-Streme widget
  5. Add a Video-Conferencing widget to improve your user’s experience
  6. Create Flows where one form triggers another one for a different group
  7. Hide hidden cost fields for any procedure so that later you can calculate the cost of care for each part of a workflow.
  8. Add attachments, which allow you to add ECGs, Doctor’s notes, Radiology Images or Lab results to a patient’s record with your smarphone.
  9. Create groups, or add individuals with different rights to view or edit any form.
  10. Generate if/then changes in the flow depending on yes/no answers.
  11. All is 100% cloud based in HIPAA secure encrypted database
  12. System can be hosted by your hospital or institution

Our CareFlow Builder is specifically designed for medicine and not business!