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Providing a healthier and higher quality life for Seniors

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Project Description

Elderly Care

Panic buttons are not the best solution for seniors living alone. See, why our solution is ideal for monitoring seniors and provide remote care.

  • The ability to monitor vital signs from seniors in real time.
  • Share information about their location and condition in real time.
  • Helps in providing treatment remotely to seniors, while improving the quality of care and saving lives.
  • Real time monitoring also offers alarms for different medical variables – no different than a monitor at a hospital!

  • SOS capability. Seniors can send an SOS which includes their geo-location, heart rate, and a link to their full dashboard.

World Class Technology

There is immense value for both seniors and the care providers in remotely monitoring the patient’s situation in real time and providing whatever support or care is necessary. Our technology provides value in many different conditions including:
  • Preventative care for seniors and prescription management.
  • Monitoring of chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.
  • Post traumatic injury care and treatment.
  • Remote post hospitalization care.
  • Regular communication with a care provider.

Want to see how exact we are in showing where you are in case you have an issue? Your family can track you even while you are out in the  Himalayas camping and  on your way to Manaslu! Share your heart rate with them, share pictures – and most importantly how happy you are – even on a cold day up there…



The vital data combined with the additional patient information such as location, direction, speed and altitude (accelerometer) provides caregivers with a full picture of the current condition of the patient anywhere in the world. The combination of health and location data will ensure the patient is under constant supervision.

I can visit my family in Hawaii and my nurse can follow my heart rate and oxygen saturation from California!