Medical Transport

Share biometrics and GPS data every second with your home base or hospital with 3G, Wi-Fi or Satellite

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Project Description

Medical Transport

Our solution is perhaps the most advanced solution available for medical transport with regards to patient monitoring! Use 4G, Wi-Fi or Satellite to send patient biometrics and geo-location information every second.

Data being sent out every second, and typically with less than a second delay to anywhere in the planet, means that a patient can be monitored at all times while in movement, no different than if he where already in an hospital setting emergency room.

GPS tracking also allows the hospital or base to plan better for the patient’s arrival.

  • Monitor: Heart rate, Body temperature, Oxygen saturation, 3 lead EKG, Blood pressure.

  • Combining our WIFI monitor data seen in real time on a remote screen along with the additional patient information provides to caregivers with a full picture of the current condition of the patient anywhere in the world.

  • Set up alarms for any given variable, no differently than with a hospital monitor.

  • Estimate time of arrival with 1 second accuracy!

World Class Technology

Our unique solution streams biometrics and the data is available one second later on a single page that combines patients data, patient information, and the best HD Real Time Video Conferencing solution.



The WiCis solution is the most advanced we’ve seen yet for medical transport at Contra Costa Search and Rescue!

Caroline Thomas