Worker Safety

Live Tracking and Streaming data in real time to monitor high risk workers

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Project Description

Worker Safety

It is in the best interest of businesses to ensure the safety of its employees to increase productivity as well as save on workers’ compensation claims.

  • Monitoring the vital biometrics and location of workers in real-time allows the employer to recognize when there is a change in the well-being, fatigue or other condition of the employee and prevent a potentially harmful event from taking place.

  • Tracking location, direction and speed ensures that the appropriate care can be sent directly to the employee wherever they are.

  • Utilizing emerging technologies, including medical wearable devices, to provide real- time data on the condition of the worker.

  • SOS Messaging Service.

World Class Pre-Injury Monitoring

Because of the time-sensitive nature of this data, biometrics need to be collected, monitored and acted upon in real-time. Our system allows for
specialized medical resources from anywhere in the world to monitor a patient’s condition and suggest appropriate care. Specific use cases to support worker safety by monitoring health and location include:

  • Heavy Equipment Operation
  • Manufacturing Floor
  • Construction
  • Public Safety


This solution helped our managers to understand fatigue and how they could implement best practices to improve safety at work, and that’s very important for our company and for the safety of our workers.

We were able to track GPS location and biometrics in real time from K2 in Pakistan after an avalanche on Camp 3,  We communicated with our climbing teams successfully.


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