CareFlows with Video with a Pulse

Secure, HIPAA compliant 100% cloud based solutions that cover entire workflows, from pre-admission to hospital to home care – all with the capability of displaying live data from anywhere, inside any form.

On our server our yours! 

  • Choose any of our healthcare workflows. Set deadlines, Create triggers.

  • Initiate your workflow with a single click. Handle approvals, input requests from any device.

  • HIPPA compliant HD Live Video-Conferencing with the patient or caregiver along with online forms

  • Live vital-signs from any location (even during transport), associated to the patient’s chart. (All forms are cloud based)

  • A monitor the size of a Samsung Note (but thicker) that has wifi and connects directly to our server and sends live EKG, SpO2, Temp and NIBP.

  • Our system can be easily installed on your server for increased data security behind your firewall.

 Automate your workflows, reduce chaos, and even store your data in your own server! 

WiCis sample (partial) Surgicenter Careflow

  1. CareFlow described
  2. Pre-Op form filled by patient
  3. Intra-Op form by circulator nurse
  4. Anesthesia Record form
  5. PACU post-surgical form
  6. Home Care form (for high risk patients)


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