Live Data Analytics – Data Export to GeckoBoard

Live Data Analytics – Data Export to GeckoBoard 2021-01-04T16:11:37+00:00

Our Data Analytics dashboards are fully customizable and allow you to follow, with a finger on the pulse, any step in your CareFlows, from number of doctor visits, to revenues, to time spent with each patient – and all your values are updated in real time!

Our GeckoBoard integration is powerful and simple to use!

Poweful Analytics for Pharma, HMO’s or your Practice!

How to create an Analytics Dashboard in 5 easy steps

  • Enter you GeckoBoard API Key in the Admin section of your CareFlows account.
Enter you GeckoBoard API Key into the Admin section of your Account
  • In the WiCis CareFlows reports section, create a report with the fields in your CareFlow that you wish to track in a GeckoBoard Analytics Dashboard.
Creating a Data Set for Export to GeckoBoard…
  • Open GeckoBoard and select the Dataset you created in your custom records report for Analytics.
  • Create a new Live Dashboard by customizing Widgets with data from your CareFlow records..
  • Customize your widgets with numbers, graphs, colors.
Creating a Widget for your Dashboard: Select a datafield you wish to follow!

And voilà! Your dashboard will update live, anytime your doctors generate a new visit. Create different dashboards for administrators and providers.

Live Analytics on your laptop or large screen TV

View them from anywhere (smartphone, tablet, large screen TV).