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Cloud Medical Billing

Submit your Claim from your Smartphone.

Cloud Billing Ticket Submissions

From the Comfort of your Smartphone

Secure, HIPAA compliant 100% cloud based billing solutions. Your smartphone plus our customizable solution can rapidly improve the efficiency in submitting a claim once you are done seeing a patient.

Example of Cloud Billing for an Anesthesiologist:

  1. During the anesthesia procedure you fill out the standard forms you use for patient care.
  2. At the end of the procedure, you attach these to your digital billing ticket by just snapping a photo of them. No pictures are saved on your phone for HIPAA Compliance.
  3. Make multiple quick selections for other information needed for billing. (see pic below)
  4. Submit your claim to your billing company in seconds after you have finished your case, and receive an immediate notification once your company has received it.
  5. Create a custom PDF for your billing company if needed.
  6. No mailing of large bundles of paper every week.
  7. Improve your cash flow.
  8. No more extra paper in your bag, office or home!
  9. Low monthly fee.
  10. All from your smartphone on your personal cloud account!

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