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Cloud Medical Billing

We have a Solution that fits your Needs!

Cloud Medical Billing

From Co-Payments with PayPal or Stripe

to ICD-10 codes and cloud ticket submissions

to full Concierge Solutions

Secure, HIPAA compliant 100% cloud based billing solutions for your EHR or Telehealth practice 

Medical Billing involves several scenarios, each which we address with our solution

1. Direct Billing (Bill your Co-Payments!)

You can add to any of our CareFlows DIRECT billing, no differently than when you buy a product on Amazon©! In this case, you can have your customer pay you with a credit card, PayPal© or Stripe©. Our own WebStore (click on top right) is built with our CareFlows and uses our billing solution!

Uses for this include any solution in which your customer or patient does NOT have private insurance for the service you are providing.

Easily configure your provider’s billing information in this screen

And the user seem a screen like this for payment! You can add a screen like this during any step of a Care Process.

Easily verify that your payment has been received on any patient

2. Cloud Ticket Submissions to your Billing Company

If your patient DOES have insurance, our system can submit electronically ALL billing information necessary for you to collect your money to your Clearing House or Medical Billing Company. This is probably the most common scenario. You want direct submission “tickets” to your billing company in order to improve your cash-flow.  Your billing company will deal with submitting all your information to the patient’s insurance company, deal with deductibles, patient calls and even collections, and of course pay you faster since your submission was handled by our cloud solution. 

A billing ticket can easily be customized to the needs of your billing company. With your smartphone, easily attach consultations, face sheets and other relevant information. Easily create lists with your most commonly used CPT codes or use the complete ICD-10 codes data-set which is part of our system. 

Complete ICD-10 dataset with multiple selections for each case

Single ticket submissions can be sent immediately with your smartphone. Most billing companies prefer groups of tickets (batches) once per day, and our system will do this automatically by submitting to them a single merged file in PDF format for expedited processing.

Example of Cloud Billing for an Anesthesia practitioner

  1. During the anesthesia procedure you fill out the standard forms you use for patient care.
  2. At the end of the procedure, you attach these to your digital billing ticket by just snapping a photo of them. No pictures are saved on your phone for HIPAA Compliance.
  3. Make multiple quick selections for other information needed for billing. (see pic below)
  4. Submit your claim to your billing company in seconds after you have finished your case, and receive an immediate notification once your company has received it.
  5. Create a custom PDF for your billing company if needed.
  6. Submit all your cases in a bundled batch file, once per day, in PDF format.
  7. No mailing of large bundles of paper every week.
  8. Improve your cash flow.
  9. No more extra paper in your bag, office or home!
  10. Low monthly fee.
  11. All from your smartphone on your personal cloud account!

3. Concierge Billing

Medical Billing is far more complex than submitting a billing ticket with a diagnostic and procedure code to an insurance company. Did you use the proper ICD-10 or CPT codes to maximize your reimbursement? Is your patient in our out of network? How will you handle the patient’s deductible? Are you willing to provide a discount? Will you send your patient to collections? Who will talk with the patient when there are issues?

At WiCis we have partnered with one of the largest medical billing companies in the USA ($4 billion/year in billing) to offer you this complete service. Contact us for more details on this complete solution in which your claims are submitted electronically to this company, and all is handled for you, even collections!

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