A Robust Toolkit for Integrators

A Robust Toolkit for Integrators 2022-01-07T17:34:30+00:00

An Integrator’s Dream

Medical software solutions are always plagued by the fact that they rarely conform to the way you work. Buying one is always a compromise between how you manage your patients and how the software solution designers think you should. And the marriage is rarely a pleasant one.

At WiCis, we have worked on both ends of this spectrum, and we realized the importance of allowing you to create your own solution – with help from us, or on your own, especially if you are an integrator.

An easy drag-and-drop UI allows you to create powerful solutions with custom fields, video-conferencing and real time vital sign monitoring in minutes.  The system supports any Western-based character language, so multi-lingual solutions are easily supported too.

Scaling of your solution is simple because all is hosted on either AWS or MS Azure.

Analytics, which will help you streamline your solution as well as monetize it properly, are simple by easily exporting data on a live basis to Google Data Studio.

Steps to Create a Custom Solution

  1. Create an account with us (email carlotaATwicishealth.com)
  2. With your login and password, you will now enter your new sandbox where you will find either pre-created solutions for you, or where you can create new ones from scratch.
  3. Before you create a solution, consider the following topics:
    1. The actual fields you will want in your form(s).
    2. The flow from one form to another (steps)
    3. Visualization rights – who can see what at each step of your solution.
  4. With our Visual CareFlows Studio, create custom forms with simple drag and drop. Change field attributes easily. Forms can be simple one pagers, or many interconnected ones to create a solution from a simple office system or telehealth system, to a full Hospital Information System.
  5. Add video-conferencing if needed with a single click.
  6. Add remote monitoring with a single click (decide later which monitors your users will use).
  7. Test your solution with entry point URL, debug, enhance.
  8. Deploy your web-app with an entry point URL or QR-code in minutes.
  9. Set up analytics with Google Data Studio or other.

We are Intel Solutions Marketplace Partners

Our solution will run on any web-connected device. Really. That means any laptop, PC, Apple Macbook, Apple iPhone, Android phones, Chromebooks – you name it. We are operating system (OS) independent.

This means that your patients and your staff will be up and running without the usual headaches of having to buy specialized hardware.

We can help too…

Want us to build the solution for you? Want to host the entire solution on your own private server? Need help with  REST or HL7 conncectivity to an existing solution? Want a bluetooth interface to the latest wearable? Our system can do all of this too, and we are here to help.

We have spent thousands of hours in fine-tuning our system so that deployment and ease of use, the most common hurdles in any medical solution, are easy to deal with.