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Data Analytics and Wicis Health 3.0

The WiCis architecture has multiple ways of sharing the data it stores for analysis: 1. Reports: This is built into the system. A user can configure an unlimited number of reports (datasets) with fields from any custom CareFlow with a drag and drop interface. As an example, one can create a simple dataset or report [...]

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Case Study: Texas Kidney Foundation   The healthcare industry has experienced challenging shifts over the last year. In response to the COVID-19 virus, hospitals and medical facilities had to shift their priorities to mitigate risk of exposure to patients and staff by fast-tracking telehealth and remote patient care solutions. Texas Kidney Foundation adopted the [...]

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The Smartphone at the Center of the TeleHealth Universe

The revolution in Healthcare is coming from the Smartphone If the PC is still at the center of patient care in EMR's, for TeleHealth, what you carry in your pocket has become your new stethoscope! In 2018, there are some 2.53 billion smartphone users in the world. This means that at this time, WiCis TeleHealth [...]

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