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Cloud-Based Medical Solutions with real time vitals and video

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WiCis – Striving To Cover All Your TeleHealth Needs

Secure, HIPAA compliant 100% cloud based solutions that cover entire workflows, from pre-admission to hospital to home care – all with the capability of displaying live data and video inside any form.


Elderly Care

Elderly Care Panic buttons are not the best solution for seniors living alone. See, why our solution is ideal for monitoring seniors and provide remote care. The ability to monitor vital signs from seniors in real time. Share information about their location [...]


Medical Transport

Medical Transport Our solution is perhaps the most advanced solution available for medical transport with regards to patient monitoring! Use 3G, Wi-Fi or Satellite to send patient biometrics and geo-location information every second. Data being sent out every second, and typically with less than [...]


Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue Garrett Madison of Madison Mountaineering on K2 at almost 22,000 ft being monitored from California in 2016 Our solution brings Search and Rescue to a new level of efficacy. Our I-Streme App sends tracking data and biometrics from ANYWHERE in the [...]


Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are now easily followed with WiCis Telehealth solutions. Effective patient education has been linked to improved patient satisfaction, and decreased anxiety, lower complications, decreased utilization of emergency department visits for post-operative health concerns, decreased readmission rates after surgery, and decreased healthcare costs. Opioid [...]


Worker Safety

Worker Safety It is in the best interest of businesses to ensure the safety of its employees to increase productivity as well as save on workers’ compensation claims. Monitoring the vital biometrics and location of workers in real-time allows the employer to recognize when [...]



Create a remote PTSD Unit! PTSD patients can be followed at home now! Stream video 24x7 to monitor the patient. Easily interview patients via HD web‐conferencing as often as needed. Monitor different variables, depending on the injury that a patient has, [...]

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