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WiCis  CareFlows

A Cloud-Based EHR for your Practice!

CareFlows for TeleHealth or even for an entire Ambulatory Surgical Process

with Live Vital Signs and Video for patients that require Home follow-up

Secure, HIPAA compliant 100% cloud based solutions that cover entire workflows, from pre-admission to hospital to home care – all with the capability of displaying live data inside any form. An EHR workflow that is built around proven processes and procedures can rapidly improve the proficiency and effectiveness of a practice.

A basic CareFlow includes: (10 seats steps 2-5 and 1 seat step 6)

1. Pre-Op form filled out by patient (unlimited patients)

2. Pre-Op Nurse form filled out when patient is called before surgery

3. Admit to PACU form

– Optionally NOTIFY family member automatically that patient has left for surgery

4. Intra-Op Circulator’s Form

– Optionally NOTIFY family member automatically that patient has left surgery for Recovery Room

5. PACU nurse form plus discharge

– Optionally NOTIFY family member that is ready for discharge

6. Home-Care Form (1 seat)

If your center is doing spine cases in higher risk patients, you can follow them at home for as long as needed with live data and

Setting up Next of Kin notifications for your CareFlow

The Home Care bundle includes:

1. Wearables (ONE FDA approved Pulse Oximeter (Pulse Rate / SpO2) , 1 Temp module – 1 optional HR module)
2. CareFlows (10 seats – one seat = 1 user email address)
3. ONE Windows Tablet for home monitoring, video-conferencing
4. ONE External video camera
5. HD Video Conferencing 15 minutes a day
6. ONE Android Smartphone
7. ONE WiCis I-Streme App with unlimited data saving to the cloud
8. ONE time set-up fees

Minimum contract is 12 months.

Cloud Prescriptions

Create automated prescriptions and email or text copy to Pharmacy and Patient


It takes only 4 easy steps to create a Clinical Solution with Video, Vital Signs, and Fields to Capture all sorts of data including scans of all your paper documents:

1. Create your Form (Study the Needs of the Problem you are trying to solve) – OR USE OUR PRE-DEFINED TEMPLATES

2. Define a CareFlow for your Form (What happens after each step)

3. Grant Permissions to different users for different parts of your Form (Who gets to see What)

4. Publish it to our Secure Server in the Cloud




  • Create (or edit an existing Template)

  • Add to your newly created Form a CareFlow

  • Edit Permissions for each element in your Form.

  • Publish your CareFlow to the web

  • Voilà! You can now gather medical information, video-interview, and view live vitals with any patient!