The Smartphone at the Center of the TeleHealth Universe

The revolution in Healthcare is coming from the Smartphone

If the PC is still at the center of patient care in EMR’s, for TeleHealth, what you carry in your pocket has become your new stethoscope!

In 2018, there are some 2.53 billion smartphone users in the world. This means that at this time, WiCis TeleHealth has access to this number of devices for use in our platform. Classical EMR’s are but a minute fraction of this  staggering number.

With a smartphone and WiCis a whole new realm of possibilities opens:

  1. Your patients, at a distance, can send to you wearables information live, every second, no differently than if you are at their bedside watching a monitor. Wearables can be as simple as a heart rate, or even live waveforms, such as EKG or pulse oximetry.
  2. Your smartphone can also be the place where you enter much information into your TeleHealth EMR. And aside from allowing you to enter patient notes or document any event, your smartphone’s camera now allows you to “scan” (take a picture of) any document (labs, EKGs, notes, radiology) and immediately make these part of your TeleHealth patient EMR. No expensive interfaces to your laboratory or PACS system. Just click and store any piece of medical information into your patient’s record.
  3. Use your smartphone’s camera also for secure video-conferencing. There is no need for you to buy extra expensive hardware.