Compassionate AI
with a Voice!


The First Intelligent Medical Record in Healthcare

Example of a WiCis Healthcare AI application  – Elderly Care

The Details…

Imagine a solution that is able to speak with your patient on a daily basis. With his or her permission, Florence can read the patient’s medical record and offer advice.

It can read vital signs that flow into the patient’s record automatically using 4G, such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight, steps, temperature – and interpret these! It then looks at the meds you are on and makes recomendations. 

Florence can also ask you about your daily habits, your meals, your exercise, and make recommendations to improve your health. Once you answer these questions by voice, she will automatially enter these into your own personal record.

Medications are also part of daily reminders, and these will be delivered to the patient via notifications or voice.

In short, Florence can, with the appropriate permissions,

  1. Read from the patient’s medical record and with the use of AI make daily recommendations.
  2. Read vital signs that arrive automatically into the patient’s medical record via 4G.
  3. Write into the patient’s medical record with inputs from your conversations with her.
  4. Read the patient’s medications list and create automatic voice reminders at the appropriate times.
  5. Chat with you about your health on a daily basis – ask her anything and the AI engine will give you appropriate advice on any subject.

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