Iridium Partnership

We are Iridium Certified!

I-Streme is SEVEN apps in ONE! Stream wearables, tracking, fitness data, connect to social, send pictures, messaging, and receive weather, FROM ANYWHERE and every second. Use 3g, 4g, Wi-Fi or satellite!

Our app was also the winner of the 2016 Thuraya Innovation Award for Best App.

I-Streme also connects to Iridium phones and the Iridium GO! for streaming of data every second, as well as for sending pictures, text, chat, and social media posts.

Technical Specifications & Features

– No 160 character limit for texting – text as often as you want.
– Streaming of data live, or very short bursts at your desired time interval. You set your throttle!
– Send pictures (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Thuraya)
– Publish your data on social media (Twitter, Facebook, instagram) at periodic intervals
– Set up your own personal dashboard which is HIPAA compliant
– Share your data on your own public dashboard where anybody who has your URL can follow you
– Enhanced SOS capability: SOS includes link to live data showing exactly where you are
– Weather: use OCENS SpotCast© weather unlimited times as part of our subscription plan

Attractive pricing for satellite plans:

Full webstore for all you need for staying in touch during ANY expedition: http://shop.wicis-sports.com