Automated Charting

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Automated Charting

Our solution can display medical data with about a one second delay from anywhere in the world, allow you to configure alarms, and store all this information into our HIPAA database. But it also allows you to display and store it in the custom forms you build with our CareBuilder.

Automated charting is built in 3 easy steps:

  1. Add the monitor widget to your form with our CareBuilder.
  2. Create the table in which you wish to display the variables, and select the frequency for data updates.
  3. Select which variables you wish to display in the live form.

Select Variables to Display on Monitor Widget and Data Source

Select frequency for Data to be read into your Table

The result is automated charting with data coming in from any location where your patient is wearing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Monitors!

Watch this video on how to add automated charting for your institution in 7 minutes!