COVID-19 Evaluation and Quarantine Monitoring

COVID-19 Evaluation and Quarantine Monitoring 2020-04-05T02:17:25+00:00


With the WiCis Covid-19 Evaluation and Follow-Up tool, you can quickly create a record for thousands of patients when examined during an initial encounter.


The record is then available from anywhere, via a smarthpone and tablet.


If it is decided that the patient needs home quarantine, the new record can then allow you to interview the patient on a daily basis via a HIPAA secure video interview, and you can even record vital signs live, no differently than if he/she was in the hospital!


CareFlow, Video-Conference, Live Vitals – the Hospital at Home!


The solution is hosted on AWS or MS Azure, and you can immediately deploy it in any Western language!


Modify it in minutes, depending on your needs with or CareFlow Builder Tool.



Watch this video to see how easy it is to have your personal

COVID-19 Solution – in minutes!

CareFlows, Video and Vital Signs – combined for a true medical consultation and Health 3.0