Elderly Care


Elderly Care Panic buttons are not the best solution for seniors living alone, or at a nursing home. WiCis Health 3.0 is ideal for monitoring and caring for seniors. The ability to monitor vital signs from seniors in real time when they needed. Remote tracking brings [...]

Medical Transport


Medical Transport Our solution is perhaps the most advanced solution available for medical transport with regards to patient monitoring! Use 4G, Wi-Fi or Satellite to send patient biometrics and geo-location information every second. Data being sent out every second, and typically with less than a second delay to [...]

Search and Rescue


Search and Rescue Garrett Madison of Madison Mountaineering on K2 at almost 22,000 ft being monitored from California in 2016 Our solution brings Search and Rescue to a new level of efficacy. Our I-Streme App sends tracking data and biometrics from ANYWHERE in the planet using 3G, wi-fi [...]

Chronic Conditions


Chronic conditions are now easily followed with WiCis Health 3.0 Monitor different variables, depending on the pathology that a patient has, from anywhere. Set up alerts to caregivers of changes on a given patient. Schedule a video appointments regularly with your patients. Health 3.0 increases engagement [...]

General Practitioners


General Practitioners We’ve made telemedicine simple and easy for you. Create a customized Careflow or use a template and start practicing telemedicine today. No Downloads. With accessibility in mind,  Careflows are extremely simple and easy to use for both clinicians and patients. Affordable.  Cost shouldn’t be [...]

Mental Health


Create a Remote Mental Health Practice A Simple Virtual Visit Solution for Behavioral Healthcare Easily interview patients via HD web‐conferencing as often as needed. Monitor different variables, from anywhere. Set up alerts to caregivers of changes on a given patient. Connect to multiple wearables with [...]