How to install WiCis Careflows on your Center’s Server

One of the biggest differentiators between our system and other TeleHealth systems is Data Security. You cannot take this too lightly and although our data is encrypted and HIPAA compliant, we understand that you may want to know exactly where your data is. You can in fact install our entire solution on your Linux or [...]

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Iridium Partnership

We are Iridium Certified! I-Streme is SEVEN apps in ONE! Stream wearables, tracking, fitness data, connect to social, send pictures, messaging, and receive weather, FROM ANYWHERE and every second. Use 3g, 4g, Wi-Fi or satellite! Our app was also the winner of the 2016 Thuraya Innovation Award for Best App. I-Streme also connects to Iridium phones [...]

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I-Streme Presentation

I-Streme is the WiCis app that captures data from wearables, your gps, sends SOS messages, sends pics, sends messages and posts, and connects your data to social networks. I-Streme can send all this data via 3g, Wi-Fi or satellite, and is both Iridium and Thuraya certified - meaning TeleHealth is a reality from anywhere [...]

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WiCis Health WhitePaper

Telemedicine: Real-Time Trauma and Clinical Care with Global Reach Introduction Telemedicine is the use of new technologies, particularly wearables, software and telecommunications, to enable physicians to provide care to patients from anywhere. Telemedicine is focused primarily on patient care and not on other medical services such as provider training, administrative services or ongoing medical education [...]

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